GHD hair straighteners and beauty products have been a staple of the beauty industry for years.  In keeping with new-age technological advances and material improvements the new GHD products have undergone significant upgrades.  GHD has changed with the industry.  When demand for hair straighteners increased, the company responded by bringing together safe and sound materials with new technology.  The result is the finest hair straightener in the industry.

As a result, GHD products are used both by professional hair stylists as well as women on the go who need to freshen up every now and then.  The handy and distinctive….read more

GHD hair stylers and beauty products have taken over the marketplace in the UK, Europe, Australia and the U.S.  Boosted by support from popular personalities from stage and screen, the GHD hair straighteners and related products have taken the world by storm.  When you want your hair to receive the same care that professional hair stylists would render, treat yourself to the many advantages of a safe, easy-to-use and portable GHD product.

Forget those inexpensive knock-offs and discover the real world of GHD beauty products.  With numerous models in various sizes and shapes, there is definitely a model to help….read more

Imitation may be flattering but it is also downright misleading.  While the Internet has so many positive attributes, sometimes consumers can be misled by online representations.  Consumers have complained about GHD hair stylers purchased through online venues like eBay, Ebid, Cquot and Gumtree.  In fact, most of these consumers purchase inexpensive imitations of the authentic GHD hair stylers.

Many of these hucksters use the highly respected GHD logo to insinuate that consumers are actually purchasing the real deal.  In fact, these hucksters are selling knock-offs manufactured in China or Hong Kong.  Some include the authentic GHD cases but insert a….read more

When you purchase your new GHD hair straightener, you will be understandably anxious to start styling your hair.  The safely manufactured GHD straightener is the most efficient way to style your hair.  Below are a few pointers to help you get started.

Before anything else, first blow-dry your hair making sure that it is completely dry.  This will prevent any burning of the hair.  If the hair is wet, the straightening can cause the hair to crack and the cuticles to dry.  When drying, use a warm setting, not the hottest setting, to eliminate any risk.
Before heat styling begins, apply….read more

GHD hair stylers are the state-of-the-art hair straighteners.  These easy-to-use and safe stylers are used by many of today’s top performers to shape and freshen up their look.

Experienced GHD users have learned that the industry’s stellar hair straightener can also easily be used to create rich volume as well as those magical curls.  You too can learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to heat styling.

Before attempting any heat styling, always begin with a good heat serum or protective spray.  Your hair is healthiest when it is moisturized.  Curling tongs, hair dryers and hair straighteners dry out….read more

Straight hair is in.  It is the look with today’s top models and high profile performers.  And, the GHD hair straightener is the product these fashion icons are using to get straight and stay straight.

The GHD hair straightener is the industry’s foremost styler and is used by many of the stars as well as the rest of us.  The GHD straightener is a dependable and safe product that carries a full warranty.  As the straightener of choice, the GHD styler provides an inexpensive alternative to ongoing appointments at the salon.  But, if you like your salon, chances are good….read more

The two leading manufacturers of hair straighteners are GHD (Good Hair Day) and CHI.  GHD first introduced its stalwart proprietary ceramic heating elements to the marketplace in the year 2001.  Since then, other manufacturers have been scrambling to compete.

CHI relies on their “Nano Silver” technology to improve their flat iron while sterilizing and elimination bacteria from the hair straightening process.  Both company’s products have received positive feedback.  Below is a straightforward comparison between the GHD MK4 and the CHI Turbo 1 models.
The CHI Turbo boasts a new, re-designed, ergonomic grip that is designed to make hair straightening less tiring. ….read more

Most women interested in their appearance are aware of the GHD hair styling and beauty products.  These state-of-the-art products have been lauded by the stars of stage and screen.  The notoriety has further increased demand for the benchmark industry products.

The GHD IV styler is the company’s newest contribution to the industry it revolutionized.  The unit’s instantaneous heating and quick cooling process allows users to begin when ready and be assured of no mishap upon conclusion.

The easy to transport GHD IV is designed to tame and straighten the unruliest of hair.  The GHD IV is especially effective for users whose….read more

There are reasons that people who count on their hair and appearance use GHD hair straighteners.  The reasons are similar to the reasons that professional hair stylists and people in the know use the industry’s benchmark hair straightener.

Unlike other accessories, like Gucci handbags or Jimmy Choo shoes, the GHD hair straighteners quietly go about their good work.  But, you know the company is onto something special when Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Madonna use GHD beauty products.  Anyone wanting a fresh, revitalized look can freshen up within minutes with the portable, easy-to-use GHD hair styler.

GHD has competitors and many….read more

You have made a prudent investment in your GHD hair product.  Maintenance instructions will accompany your product but after a long period of use, even the finest electrical products may require some light repairs.  Make sure you take your GHD products to a repair centre that is experienced with the item.  An inexperienced repair technician could cause further damage to the product.

You can find maintenance tips and suggestions at  If you contact the site, a customer service rep may be able to locate an acceptable repair shop in your area.

Check the price – Centres that are unfamiliar with….read more

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